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The allure of new horizons, the call of untouched landscapes, and the magic of unfamiliar backdrops — our destination sessions blend the essence of OC+BOUDOIR's signature touch with the unique energy of some of the most beautiful locations. We've had the privilege of capturing empowering stories in picturesque settings across Oregon, California, Nevada, Florida, and Tennessee. Each destination adds its own unique brushstroke to our canvas, creating a symphony of light, texture, and emotion.

Annual Retreats:
Every year, we curate special retreats that aren't just about photography, but about the entire experience. These retreats offer an immersive journey, intertwining self-discovery, empowerment, and of course, breathtaking photography sessions in stunning locales.

Interested in joining us on one of our yearly retreats or looking for more details? We keep some mysteries for those truly curious. Reach out to us, and let's embark on a transformative journey together, no matter where on the map it takes us.

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