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Step 1: Connect with Confidence

Congratulations on taking the first step towards celebrating your unique beauty and strength! Since 2012, I've dedicated myself to the art and intricacy of boudoir photography, ensuring every session becomes a cherished memory for my clients. Our studio is exclusively boudoir-focused, meaning we've perfected the craft and understand the nuances of creating intimate, empowering portraits.

We understand that a boudoir session is a deeply personal experience, one that requires trust, understanding, and utmost discretion. Our promise is to provide an environment where you feel valued, heard, and celebrated.


Your interest speaks volumes about your courage and self-love. So, let's embark on this transformative journey together.



Step 2: Personalized Consultation

Once we receive your inquiry, our next step is a personalized consultation (email or phone/video). Think of this as our chance to get to know each other better. We'll discuss your vision, hopes, and any apprehensions you might have about the session. I'll walk you through what to expect, offer guidance on outfit selections, and answer any questions that arise.


Being exclusively in the boudoir scene since 2012, we understand the significance of your trust. This consultation ensures that your session will be crafted with utmost attention to detail, respect, and an understanding of your unique perspective.

Whether you already have a clear vision or are looking for guidance, our goal is to ensure you feel confident and excited about the upcoming session.


Step 3: Tailoring Your Experience

Once you've decided to book, the journey towards crafting your dream boudoir session truly begins. Every detail is meticulously planned to ensure your experience is as personal and memorable as possible:

  1. Setting the Date: First things first, we'll align our calendars to pick a date that suits you best. This becomes your day, a special moment in time dedicated to celebrating you.

  2. Preparation Guide: We've put together a comprehensive preparation guide based on years of experience. This guide ensures every client feels prepared and at their best. From skincare and hydration tips to advice on rest and relaxation, we've got you covered.

  3. Personalized Questionnaire: To truly tailor your session to your preferences and vision, we'll provide you with a detailed questionnaire. This isn't just about logistics; it’s about getting to the heart of what you want from this experience. Whether it's certain shots, themes, or moods, your input guides us.

  4. Luxurious Add-ons: Elevate your experience with our special shower add-on, client closet, neons, or any other exclusive features we offer. These details can add a touch of the extraordinary to your session, enhancing the ambiance and final photographs.

  5. Open Communication: As we approach your session date, we encourage you to communicate any thoughts, changes, or questions. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, and we're here to support you at every juncture.

Your comfort, confidence, and joy are at the heart of what we do. If there's anything – big or small – that can enhance your experience, please let us know. Your dream session is our mission.

Step 4: Immersing in the Experience

The big day has arrived! Today is all about you – capturing your essence, beauty, and confidence. Here's a snapshot of what to expect and how we ensure your session flows smoothly:

  1. Warm Welcome: From the moment you step in, expect a warm, reassuring environment tailored to make you feel at ease. Relax, sip on a refreshment, and let any apprehensions melt away.

  2. Setting the Scene: Based on our earlier discussions, everything will be prepped and ready – specific set-ups and add-ons like the shower scene.

  3. Professional Guidance: Whether it's your first boudoir session or you're a seasoned pro, I'll be there to guide you through poses, expressions, and angles that flatter and empower. Trust in my years of experience to showcase you at your most stunning.

  4. Client Comfort is Key: Throughout the session, your comfort remains our top priority. Regular check-ins, breaks as needed, and an atmosphere of trust and respect ensure you're always in control.

  5. Capturing the Magic: Using the best equipment and techniques honed since 2012, we'll capture images that resonate with your vision. This is your story, told through a blend of art and intimacy.

  6. Wrapping Up: Once we've covered everything, we'll take a moment to decompress and discuss. Share immediate feedback, talk about the next steps, or simply reflect on the day's experience.


Remember, this day is an ode to your unique beauty and spirit. Every click of the camera, every outfit, every pose is a tribute to the wonderful individual you are. We're honored to be a part of your journey.


Step 5: The Grand Reveal

The anticipation following your session is always filled with excitement. We take this moment seriously, ensuring that each photograph reflects the beauty, intimacy, and empowerment that boudoir photography promises. Here's how the grand reveal unfolds:

  1. Expert Curation: After our session, I dive deep into the images captured, selecting and refining the shots that best represent our shared vision and your innate beauty. Rest assured, every image is treated with the utmost care and professionalism.

  2. Personal Viewing Session: We'll schedule a special appointment for you to see your images for the first time. This moment is all about savoring the magic we created together. Revel in the beauty of each shot, reminisce on the session, and celebrate yourself.

  3. Guided Selection: With a huge selection of stunning images to choose from, making final selections can be overwhelming. I'll be there to guide you, offering my expertise and helping you choose images that resonate with your desires, whether it's for a keepsake, a gift, or a personal treasure.

  4. Custom Product Options: If you wish to translate your images into tangible memories, we offer a range of premium products – from elegant photo books to wall art.. Whatever your preference, we ensure quality that matches the caliber of your photographs.

  5. Client Satisfaction: Your happiness is our ultimate benchmark. We're always here for any post-session needs, questions, or feedback. Your experience, from start to finish, matters deeply to us.


The essence of a boudoir session is more than just photography. It's a celebration of self, a journey of discovery, and a testament to your beauty and spirit. We're elated to have been part of this chapter in your life's story.

Step 6: Flexible Payment Solutions

Celebrating your unique beauty with a boudoir session should be a seamless experience, from capturing the perfect moments to choosing a payment option that best suits you. We've curated a diverse range of payment solutions to ensure you find the most comfortable fit:

  1. PayPal Credit: Trusted globally, PayPal Credit offers you the freedom to cover your session conveniently and securely. With instant credit approval, it's a straightforward option that allows you to pay over time.

  2. Afterpay: Opt for the 'buy now, pay later' flexibility with Afterpay. Divide your payment into four equal installments, scheduled every two weeks. Quick and hassle-free, it's available for amounts up to $2,000.

  3. Affirm: Choose Affirm to break your payment into comfortable monthly chunks. With immediate credit decisions, you can select a schedule that resonates best with your financial plan.

  4. Booty Bank: Our innovative Booty Bank system is your personalized pre-payment solution.

    • Custom Budgeting: Design your own savings blueprint. Determine how much you want to set aside and how frequently. It’s a system tailored to mesh seamlessly with your budgetary goals.

    • Plan & Pay: The further you plan your session in advance, the smaller and more manageable your contributions can be. By spacing out the payments, you can spread the cost over a more extended period.

    • Flexibility: There are no rigid rules. Whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, you dictate the pace. This ensures you remain in control of your financial commitments.

    • Financial Peace: By the time your session rolls around, you'll be free from payment worries. Dive fully into the experience, knowing everything’s already taken care of.

Our goal is to make every step of your journey with us, from consultation to the grand reveal, as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Should you have any questions about our payment options or need assistance in picking what's best for you, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Choosing to book a boudoir session is more than just a photoshoot; it's a transformative experience that celebrates your unique beauty, boosts self-confidence, and creates timeless memories. With expertise honed since 2012 and a passion for creating intimate, empowering portraits, we promise an unparalleled journey of self-discovery and elegance. Why settle for ordinary when you can cherish an extraordinary reflection of yourself?

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