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I had been thinking about doing boudoir for one and a half years.  I was sitting at work and realized I am more than a wife, mom, employee... I am me.  I was forgetting who I was taking care of everyone else.  I  am almost 50... was I to old to do this?  I don't have a perfect thin body... am I still attractive and sexy?  This experience taught me that I am.


The experience is amazing. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and let Carrie show you how beautiful you are.  She has a gift and you deserve to feel empowered.


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I’m in awe I’m 41 and gave birth to twins 2 almost 3 years ago! I didn’t realize how amazing I looked!  They made me feel sexy!! Like a model!!  And empowered!!!


I can see my body as sexy and beautiful. I have stretch marks all over my body and yet they are gorgeous. I'm not pencil thin, but damn I have a body! A body to love and adore.  Do more than one session. You become addicted and want to do more at each one. I had more confidence, and man do I love showing my photos!


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Even though I have never seen any bad photos from OC, I had somehow convinced myself that I would be the exception. Like most women, I'm my own biggest critic and I was afraid I wouldn't like my photos. Man, was I wrong! I love them all, even the ones that show parts of my body that I'm normally incredibly self-conscious about.  They're the reminder I need on days where I'm not quite feeling myself that I can be sexy and gorgeous.


I see a side of myself that I have never seen!!! I love that I get to see myself from everyone else’s eyes and do the damn thing and treat yourself! You’re worth everything this experience gives you!


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I look in the mirror every single morning and I see MOM face, mom bod JUST MOM. I see these pictures and I see...I suppose what my husband says he sees everytime he looks at me. I feel so sexy! Like I can NOT belive that's me, that's my body that's ME?!


I was worried that I would look silly trying to look sexy bc of my weight, but I felt amazing! I felt confident and secure and felt like I could finally see myself thru my husband eyes ❤


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Before my experience, I dreaded the "sexy face"!  I tried practicing in the mirror, it was always terrible. I knew I didn't have a sexy face but somehow, it all worked out and Carrie proved me wrong!  All of my sessions have been eye opening and empowering. Some pictures are beautiful, others are gritty and seductive, fun and playful; they each show different sides of my personality.


They really show all of me. Even the parts that I thought were flaws, which aren’t even flaws.


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I now feel beautiful and I should be proud of how I look at 56.


I know I am a beautiful strong confident woman that is still sexy as hell after 3 kids!!!  They remind me of youth and beauty! How sexy and beautiful I can look at the same time! They remind me to LOVE ME!!


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