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What is S.I.E?

S.I.E (Sensual.Intimate.Erotic) Boudoir is an amazing tool to show women how beautiful they are and start building their confidence.  S.I.E is that next step for women to find confidence in their sexuality through photography.

Is S.I.E for everyone?

The short answer...No.  S.I.E is meant for those women who are ready to to see their confidence grow beyond that new confidence and comfort and become EMPOWERED with their sexual image.  This is why I recommend only previous clients choose a S.I.E session...unless you think you are ready!

How does a S.I.E session work?

A S.I.E Session is a one price session fee/collection combination.  The session can take place day or night and be a regular or couples.  You will be sent an extensive questionnaire to help me plan your session to fit your vision, after all it is journey to sexual confidence.  I have many accessories that can be used during your session such as whips, chains, handcuffs (see what I did there) masks, etc.

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