What do I do with my face?

Before each and every session, we go over some basic "info." Such as, make sure you pop your butt out, lead with your boobs, keep your shoulders tall, etc. This helps you prepare for the reminders you'll probably get throughout your entire session because who remembers to do all of that stuff naturally? We don't usually pop, lock, and drop it on the couch at home, do we? Then we go over what some of you have referred to as the "dreaded sexy face." Now, let's set the record straight. EVERY WOMAN HAS A SEXY FACE. Maybe you don't stand and practice in the mirror or show it off in your selfies, but you have one. The most important thing is to just relax. If you look nervous or unsure, that's going to show. Just trust us and the little tips we give you! We'll show you how and why you should breathe through your mouth and not your nose. We'll show you how to relax your forehead. We'll even show you how to "smize" (do we have any America's Next Top Model Fans here?). It's easy once you know that you're totally capable of rocking that sexy look during your boudoir session. You'll be so confident in your facial expressions that you might even be wearing your sexy face all the time, and we certainly wouldn't blame you. Own that shit.

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