The do's & don'ts of lingerie

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Lingerie can be intimidating! Trust us, we know. We've compiled a list of lingerie do's & don'ts so you know exactly how to prepare for your upcoming boudoir experience!

We've all been in the dressing room trying on what we think is the perfect piece of lingerie, only to look in the mirror and feel disappointed. Knowing what style of lingerie will fit your body shape can be difficult. You probably already know that "one size fits most" is a blatant lie and that sometimes you have to pay extra close attention to the sizing chart to avoid a piece that is made for a toddler. We're talking about you, Wish. There are definitely Do's & Don'ts when selecting the right lingerie for your session. We've compiled our expert advice below to help you choose the best option for YOU.

"Having Carrie and Brittanie guide me in the right direction made my lingerie choices both fun and easy! I felt prepared and ready to pick out what was best suited for my body type!"

DO When in doubt, back is always a safe color. ALWAYS. It looks good on everyone and will make you the focal point.


Stay away from neon and bright colors. They will often color cast onto your skin and distract the eye from what's really important. Aka - you. Don't even think about camo or animal prints. It too will take away from YOU.


Choose pieces that flatter your body shape. If you're wanting to create shape in your body go for a high hip cut that will emphasize the curve in that area. If you're wanting to emphasize your neck and shoulders try a piece with a high neck. That will draw attention to that desired area and compliment those features. A body suit is perfect if you're worried about your midsection. They're form fitting, flattering, and super easy to find if you look in the right places! You can never go wrong with body suits. EVER.


Don't let those baby dolls find their way into your bag . Trust us on this one. They're going to add material where you don't want it added, and because of that, they will limit your posing. They may be something that you're comfortable in at home, but step outside of that box during your session! You'll thank us later.


If your special someone likes a particular sports team and you want to include it, don't assume you have to do so in the form of a jersey. They tend to swallow you whole and hide your shape. A cute t-shirt is just as good and lets them see more of you. Which, let's be honest, is what they want to see anyway. Incorporating things they love in a simple way is always the best route.


Please, please do not bring props. In 20 years when you pull out your gorgeous luxury album so you can admire your boudoir photos, you don't want to ask yourself why you're holding a golf club.

Bottom line is...

Your photos should showcase you and only you. You're more than enough and you don't need anything else in your session. Keep it simple, ladies. Let yourself shine!

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