Q&A With our badass ANONYMOUS O.C. Babe

Before my experience I was most nervous about...

O.C. BABE: Initially I was nervous about even reaching out to book! As a plus-sized woman, part of me felt like boudoir pics just weren't for me. I'm so thankful to the women with body shapes similar to mine who have shared their photos on the FB group- you inspired me to take the leap!

As far as the shoot, I was most nervous about being able to feel sexy and comfortable in front of the camera. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Carrie kept me chatting and relaxed the whole time!

I was nervous (or not nervous) about my big reveal because...

O.C. BABE: Even though I have never seen any bad photos from OC, I had somehow convinced myself that I would be the exception. Like most women, I'm my own biggest critic and I was afraid I wouldn't like my photos. Man, was I wrong! I love them all, even the ones that show parts of my body that I'm normally incredibly self-conscious about.

I now see my body in a different light because...

O.C. BABE: My boudoir pics help me see how beautiful my body is- even if it doesn't fit conventional beauty standards.

I love my boudoir photos because...

O.C. BABE: They're the reminder I need on days where I'm not quite feeling myself that I can be sexy and gorgeous.

Even if they’re nervous, my advice to other OC Babes would be to...

O.C. BABE: Take a deep breath and just do it. Trust me, it's worth it!

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