Frequently asked questions

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir isn't just a photo shoot. It's a life changing experience. An experience that builds, rediscovers, and nurtures confidence and self love. It's an experience that draws you out of your comfort zone and conquers every thought of self doubt you have ever had. Boudoir is a reminder that you are enough and are worth fully embracing and loving unconditionally. No matter your age, your size, or your shape. Boudoir is for every woman if you're willing to set aside doubt and hate and start your journey towards self love.

Why OC+Boudoir

When you're looking for a boudoir photographer to capture such intimate and personal photos of yourself, you want someone who knows their way around the art of boudoir. You want professional and quality photos that showcase your best features, and to make you feel like the badass that you are. Boudoir photography is our thing. It's what we do. We've dedicated our lives to promoting self love and showing women their true beauty.

What are sessions?

Our sessions take place in the morning when the sun is at it's best! When you arrive, we will start by going over your outfit choices and making sure that every piece is flattering and complimentary to your body shape after that our hair & makeup artist will get started on giving you the perfect look for your session. Once you feel like a goddess, we will enter the Boudoir room where we will spend the next 90 minutes capturing beautiful and timeless photos.

What do you mean by product collections?

From our uniquely customized albums, to our fine linen textured prints in our wooden heirloom box, customized phone apps, to our metal wall art we have kept our client in mind by compiling the finest products and materials into our luxury collections so that our clients are receiving the best. We believe in giving our clients quality products that they will be able to cherish throughout the years to come.

How far out should I book my session?

We suggest at least 3 months before your desired product pick up date.

Am I able to do my own hair & makeup for my session?

Our hair & makeup artist is amazing! We would never subject you to anything short of the best. We want you to feel pampered and to just enjoy the day!

How will I view my photos?

After your session we will schedule your reveal appointment! That is when you will come back to the studio and view your photos for the first time! Seeing yourself in a new light and understanding your self worth is one of our favorite parts from your entire boudoir experience!

Can I bring a friend/family member/child/spouse to my session or reveal appointment?

ue to the nature of boudoir, we do not allow friends/family members/children/spouses into the studio. We want your session & reveal appointment to be about only you!

Do I bring my own lingerie?

We know how intimidating lingerie can be! Sometimes it can be difficult to know what looks best on your body, but that's why we are here! We are more than happy to give lingerie suggestions and advice. We do have a lingerie closet in the studio, but we encourage you to still bring your favorite pieces as well!

What if I want to keep my photos private?

We would absolutely never share your photos without your direct consent. We love when our clients want to share their photos to help empower and encourage other women, but that choice is 100% yours!